My avatar steals all my RL clothes!

That's pretty much how I dress IRL. The only difference is that I'm not 2 meters tall and of course not that beautiful ;)
Pose: HelaMiyo :: Poses :: Fashion Blogger
Hair: TRUTH HAIR Irenka [+Hat] (december VIP gift)
Glasses: B&W - DIVINA Sunglasses 
Scarf: C!L.: Boutique Warm Round Neck Scarf Shawl (Kittycats advent gift)
Trench: *League* TrenchCoat 
Pants: Izzie's - Twinnie Jeggings Appliers
Boots: [Gos] Wellies
Bag: =Zenith=Leather Fringe Backpack


04th December 2006 Born this way

I want to say thank you to everyone who visited HelaMiyo or Digital Eyes today to grab the 10 gifts and/or to wish me or my main alt Morgan Kincess a happy 10th rezday. Thank you for all public chat messages, all the IMs and gifts (oh I regretted having 2 avatars today haha) and thanks to my partner Hern, who made a last minute swimming pool party in the shop playing some awesome and/or terrible 80's tracks (and some Depeche Mode, I love Depeche Mode, did I ever mention how much I love Depeche Mode?) :)

Style card from the 04th December 2006:
Hair: Second Life system hair, modified and recolored by me
Skin: Second life default female vampire avatar skin
Pants: Second Life system pants, that I changed into bootcut
Top: Second Life system dress, I very much modified this one and cut it so it's opened in front and enlarged it a bit
Shoes: oh the shoes... In 2006 my dear reader, we wore Second Life system shoes!! It means we changed the shape of our feet and applied a texture to it!!! And then came bling shoes, but I don't want to talk about that ever again...
Pose: Second Life edit appearance mode. I didn't know how to use the camera controls to take a snapshot and see myself from the front! Hey, I was born that day ;)

But worry not, 3 months later, I looked wayyy better... with the back then trendy joker smile mouth ^^ yes it was a thing...


I am 10 years old!!! 10 gifts for you

I never thought I'd still be here today but I AM 10 YEARS OLD! :D 
Second Life has been an incredible journey. I am really happy for all the talented, creative, crazy cool people I met inworld from all around the world and then I met lots of them IRL. It would have never been possible without Second Life. I want to thank everybody who crossed my path during those 10 years, either as Morgan Kincess or as Miyoko Magic, or in the real world.
Anyway, I've put 10 products as dollarbie gifts at my shops Digital Eyes (6 gifts: 5 animated fans and one pack of hair) and HelaMiyo (4 gifts: 3 packs of unisex poses and 1 prefab). The gifts are in the middle of normal products so you just have to find which ones are at 1L$ by clicking on the vendors ;) http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Kusanagi/219/225/574/ 
Morgan Kincess or Miyoko Magic


HelaMiyo :: Poses :: Hey

"What you mean I forgot to wear something?!"
Pose: HelaMiyo :: Poses :: Hey at Marvelous December from 1st to 25th December
Bag: Petit Chat *PC* My leather briefcase at Marvelous December (please note these are modify so I recolored mine)
Sweater: .::Dead Dollz::. Opal Comfy Sweater - Purple FLF
Hair: Moon. Hair. // Keepsake


We look like rock stars

Sneak preview of a set of poses that will be available tomorrow at Marvelous December:
HelaMiyo :: Poses :: Hey
Thanks to one of my favourite gorgeous model Ren Matsura for posing with me. Visit his blog and follow him on flickr


HelaMiyo :: Black friday

It's Black Friday!! All poses fat packs are -50% until sunday at HelaMiyo. Teleportation this way:
Pose: HelaMiyo Dystopian


HelaMiyo :: Skybox Minimal Design

We all need a low prims minimal architecture design skybox, either to live in, decorate, take pictures, make parties, open a shop, a gallery... The options are endless.
Windows are tintable from transparent to all black in synchronization and can be controlled by the owner or group or public, simply by scrolling your mouse over them. Windows also have a phantom on/off option. The buildings are of course copy and modify.
4 HelaMiyo :: Skybox Minimal Design are all at 10L$, available inworld or online: